Search Engine Optmization

An attractive-looking Website is great, but if it is just a pretty face that never gets noticed, well, what is the point? S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization) ensures your Website gets seen by the people who need to see it most: your customers.

Like skilled detectives, our Arizona Web designers are whizzes at figuring out the best ways to strategically sprinkle your site with unique content, relevant links and pertinent keywords that will boost your Website to the top of the rankings among major search engines.

Our S.E.O. services include:

Initial Consultation & Keywords

Our technical staff begins by checking the current status of your Website to ensure that the optimization process will not be encumbered by any unforeseen problems of function. Then, using manual searches as well as custom research software, an optimizer on our staff will take the gathered data and create a list of the most highly trafficked and targeted words in your industry – and consult with you to choose the final keywords.

Content Optimization

After a list of keywords has been generated for your Website, your content is modified to include selective keyword phrases. Using their training and experience, our experts will ensure that your copy utilizes the keywords in accordance with the right densities and marketing of your site.

Website Redevelopment

Our optimization engineers will integrate the optimized content within your Website along with new source code including Meta code such as Title, Keywords, Description, etc. Our technicians will redevelop your site to optimally communicate your keywords with search engines. Moreover, all aspects of a Website, including its architecture, meta tags, alt tags, graphic-text, internal link structure and sub-pages will be modified to be spider friendly and best meet search engine algorithms.

Submission to Major Search Engines and Directories

After the optimization process is complete, we will submit your Website to all the major search engines and directories, including Yahoo, AltaVista, HotBot, AllTheWeb, Google, AOL, iWon and Netscape, MSN, Lycos, Teoma, AskJeeves and DMOZ (Open Directory). In addition to these submissions, we add fee based directories such as Yahoo Directory Looksmart, Micorsoft Bcentral and several other quality directories which will add to your link popularity. And lastly, if your Website has indexing issues, we will create and submit site maps to both Google and Yahoo via their respective programs.

Link Development

One of the major variables in attaining high rankings is developing incoming links from other Websites that are well established and have commonality with your Website. As a major part of the service that we offer, link development is absolutely essential to the success of your Website and can be done in various ways. One-way links from Directories and other related sites, Reciprocal Link Exchange with related sites, fee-based directory submissions and targeted link buys are all effective ways of developing quality links in high quantity.


Results can not be guaranteed since we do not operate or own Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc and do not control their ranking algorithms.  Typical results can be seen with the following timeframe for new sites and usually faster for established sites: MSN 3-6 months, Yahoo 6-8 months, Google 8-12 months.


Pay Per Click advertising is an excellent way to see immediate results and a perfect complement to the long term and natural results of Search Engine Optimization.  We offer advanced Pay Per Click management.  These services include:

  • PPC Management in Google Adwords
  • PPC Management in Yahoo Search Marketing
  • PPC Management in MSN Adcenter
  • Ad creation and Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Statistics and Administration