Graphic Design Services

Brochures, business cards, postcards, newsletters. Print communication is a tangible expression of your business image that your clients can actually see and feel. Our designers ask the tough questions. About your product. About your services. About your audience.  We actually listen to your answers. And then we harness your branding vision and bring it to life on the printed page.

From a simple logo design to the development of an entire corporate identity campaign, Artistik Designs is an Arizona design studio that truly wants to make sure your first impression makes a lasting impression.

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Business Card Design

Shake hand. Exchange business cards. It is the essence of each and every business relationship. It is a key part of creating that first impression that is so crucial. That is why we make sure that the front-line marketing piece we know as a business card is memorable, aligned with your company is brand and reflects your objectives.

Design Options

  • Four-color or Two-color
  • Double Sided Or One-Sided
  • Glossy or Matte Finish
  • Paper Choice (20-pound, card stock, etc.)
  • Embossing Available

Printing Options

  • Use your own printer or let us handle it.


  • Buy Cards Individually or as Part of an Identity Package

Logo Design

A logo is the graphic representation of your business and your brand. Ideally, you want that brand to be recognizable to everyone you serve and everyone you want to serve. Because it accompanies each and every piece of material you create, across every medium whether print or electronic, it has to be dynamic. That is why we work with you to create a logo that is bold and evokes emotion.

Design Options

Logos can take several forms. It can be a graphic illustration of:

  • Your company’s initials;
  • Your company’s name; or
  • What your company does.

Our team of designers works with you to create different variations of your logo until you have reached your final result. All design files and print files are yours to have at the end of the project.


  • Buy a Logo Design By Itself or as Part of an Identity Package

Corporate Identity and Branding

You project your business identity with every email you send, every business card you pass out, every memo you distribute. We put your identity into a format that you are proud to display every time you have the chance. From business cards to letterhead to digital logos that can be used on your online documents, we can help you consolidate your identify and create visual consistency that engenders trust.

All of our pricing and packages are based on individual needs, please contact us for further information.


While electronic media dominates the spotlight right now, a business meeting requires that you leave something tangible with your prospect so he or she has a visual reminder of your firm. That’s why a basic brochure will never go out of style, never become obsolete. Tell your story in a small printed format that compels them to keep opening, keep reading, and take the next step; whether that means going to your web site, calling you, emailing you or buying directly from you.

You can’t circle your favorite toy, shirt or computer game with a Sharpie on your computer screen. That’s why there’ nothing quite like a print catalog for promoting your products. But you can do that with a print catalog that ideally mirrors an online version of that catalog. Give your customer at least two options about where he or she shops for your products.

All of our pricing and packages are based on individual needs, please contact us for further information.

Packaging Design

If you sell any type of products, you need a wrapper to go around the product and tell people why they should choose yours over the competitor’s. Product packaging serves as a graphic representation of what’s underneath that literally screams, Buy me! We can work with your logo, your colors, your target market and your product to create packaging that not only promotes what’s inside, but creates a desire in the consumer and then a need to fill it.

All of our pricing and packages are based on individual needs, please contact us for further information.

Product Displays/Product Labels

You have only seconds to catch a consumer’s eye. Make it worth their while with a well designed product label that grabs your audience, informs and asks for their purchase. We can create a snappy product display and label that is perfect for your product, your target market and display.

All of our pricing and packages are based on individual needs, please contact us for further information.

Postcards & Posters

Sometimes you need the right marketing tool for the right situation. Bigger than a business card, but smaller than a brochure, postcards fit in where other tools don’t. Mail them directly to prospects and clients as a reminder that you are ready to serve them. Or give them out in networking situations and stand out with your oversize business card.

Design Options

Just like any marketing tool, you want your postcards to stand out. Here are some elements that can make a huge difference when designing a postcard that you want to be noticed:

  • 2-Color versus 4-Color
  • Matte versus Gloss Finish
  • Standard Postcard Size or Oversize
  • Double Sided or Single

We can also create large promotional posters of your trade show floor, festival or product offering that dovetail with the rest of your marketing materials. In the right situation, posters can create excitement that isn’t duplicated by smaller brochures or postcards.

Design Options

Size is what catches people’s attention here, so choose a size that creates excitement.

  • Have a size in mind.
  • Four-color versus Two-color

All of our pricing and packages are based on individual needs, please contact us for further information.