ECommerce Solutions

E-commerce, the practice of buying and selling goods over the Internet, is here to stay. Now, the question becomes, how well are you leveraging this valuable business tool  and your ability to accept credit cards online — as a means of dramatically increasing sales?

Artistik Designs provides an array of helpful e-commerce solutions to fit nearly every need and every budget.
Engage us in a dialog about merchant and non-merchant accounts, secure methods of collecting credit card information, credit card processing and fund transfers. We love to talk about this growing opportunity.

Arizona Ecommerce: Accept Credit Cards. Increase Sales!

Growing Opportunity: Accepting Credit Cards online has not only become a wise business tool, but a necessary. Accepting credit cards online is a secure and accepted means to dramatically increase your sales.

Most people that have slightly looked into accepting credit cards are set on immediately finding a merchant account. These can be expensive and in some cases not even necessary.

How do I accept credit cards? You’ll need the following:

  • A secure method of collecting credit card info.
  • Storefront services or a shopping cart.
  • A way to process cards manually or automatically.
  • A way to transfer the funds to your bank account such as a Merchant account.