Content Management Solutions

Our Content Management System puts you in control of your own Web site design. Create new pages, upload images, update text and much more with an easy-to-learn program that enables you to easily maintain a professional Web site design — anytime, anywhere.

No software or high-tech computer skills are required. No hassle of organizing and preparing for changes. And best of all, no need to rely on expensive web development tools or technical staff. Edit your site with Internet Explorer.

Artistik Design Studio’s Content Management System requires only a one-time setup and license fee.

Benefits and Features

  • Manage entire web sites – Easily create and change a professional website in under 5 minutes. Then manage it with our online web content management tool. Multi-user support, easy to learn and use “What You See Is What You Get” system. And best of all no software is required. Edit your website and upload images using only Internet Explorer!
  • Save time and money – You can build fully functional and professional web sites without expensive web development tools or technical staff. No need to pay for updates, and no more waiting. Setup, design, implementation and maintenance are no longer huge costs and time consuming tasks- leaving you more time and money to get on with your business.
  • It’s as easy as using Microsoft Word – With our powerful Online Content Editor and Management System, create and edit professional HTML web pages in minutes without the need to worry about complicated coding or a third party programs.