Moz Releases Search Engine Ranking Factors

Moz released its 2015 Search Engine Ranking Factors Study last week and, as ever, it’s a mammoth study charting metrics with positive and negative correlation to rankings. What is Moz? Moz is a tool for measuring, monitoring and evaluating the onsite and off site aspects of a website’s level of search engine optimization as well […]

Missed Opportunity in Optimizing Content

SEO is ever evolving. It takes time, diligence, and ongoing commitment – you can’t just do it once and forget about it. Your website must adapt and keep up or you’ll be left behind. Below are some of the missed SEO opportunities often seen that can be easily fixed: Failure to update content: SEO best […]

Google Panda Update 2015

Can your business handle a 50% drop in organic or non-paid visits from Google? That’s what might be coming your way in the form of Google’s Panda algorithm update. Now, before we get into whys and how’s and what can be done, lets take some time to understand Panda and its purpose. Simply put, Google […]

SEO Checklist for Startup Websites

Creating a start up site can be a real challenge! It is not easy to build a high performing website and get top rankings on all the search engines. I’m sure you already know how important your online presence is. As important as social media is these days your website will still be performing the […]

Artistik Design 2015

Artistik Design Exciting New Launch Artistik Design Studio has reached its nine year anniversary, and has now launched our exciting new website. Incorporating some of technology’s latest innovations and marketing enhancements. We are proud to bring all of this together into one website as we move forward to exciting new projects we take on every […]

Google+ For Your Business

Everything You Need To Know About Google+ Google finally announced Google+, its next effort in social. Basically, Google+ is an amalgamation of several services we already use. The idea, according to Google, is to do them better. We’ll have a full review and impressions soon. In the meantime, check out our breakdown of what Google+ […]